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Find New Business is a UK based Business to Business (B2B) Telemarketing and lead generation company that consistently delivers exceptional results.
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Find New Business are a UK based Business to Business (B2B) telemarketing and lead generation business that consistently delivers exceptional results. We have a depth of expertise and wealth of experience of making highly qualified appointments on behalf of our clients.

Telemarketing is the act of marketing goods or services to potential customers over the telephone. Telemarketing is about effectively reaching your target market with a well thought out message and engaging the interest of potential customers in your products or services.

Our highly trained team of outbound callers use a needs based approach which is very effective in getting to the right decision makers and boosting your sales opportunities. We use highly qualified data and unscripted conversations to target the types of organisations that you would want as your customers.

We encourage all of our clients to put us to the test. Our clients tell us that having changed from using generalist telemarketing agencies to using Find New Business, they are receiving up to four times the amount of appointments. These appointments are better quality and the cost per lead has been reduced dramatically.


A Basic Guide to Lead Generation

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A Basic Guide to Market Research

A Basic Guide to Market Research It is integral that your business strategy is clear, concise, and working to meet company-wide objectives. Here at Find New Business, we have the expert ability to provide extensive market research for our clients in order to discover whether your business strategy and services are effective and function well. […]

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Carrying out Market Research for Your Business

Following on from our previous blog post discussing how to generate leads for your company, we thought it would be worthwhile to consider how to carry out extensive and thorough market research before approaching your potential leads. Here at Find New Business, we are dedicated to generating leads for your business, and we know that […]

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Our 100% Commitment Guarantee is our promise to deliver outstanding telemarketing and lead generation services for your business. We are committed to work in partnership with all of our clients and to make every effort to help you to achieve your business growth goals. To find out more about how Find New Business services will help you win new customers call us today on 01280 816903 or contact us using our enquiry form below.