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A Basic Guide to Lead Generation

Posted on: 14th September 2016

a picture of an office which needs a guide to lead generation for enhanced business skils

Often, the idea of lead generation can seem overwhelming to a business with limited time and resources. Find New Business has created a comprehensive, straightforward guide to lead generation and the benefits it could have for your business.

What is it?
Lead generation has been around in various forms for decades. A scheme of marketing, the Oxford Dictionary officially describes lead generation as ‘the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services.’ Leads can be approached and collected through a variety of channels, including digital, social, and online tools. Here at Find New Business, we believe that the most effective form of lead generation is through experienced telemarketing services, in order to create a responsive relationship between the telemarketer and the client.

Who should use it?
Lead generation can be a useful tool for any business wishing to reach out to customers. Customer interest in products or services can be followed up to offer a personalised service, which in turn should see an increase in conversions. For further information about using lead generation companies to help enhance your business experience, read our previous blog here.

What are the advantages of lead generation?
Our final aspect of our guide to lead generation is highlighting the numerous advantages to implementing a lead generation service within your business. With an expected increase in conversion rate due to focusing on interested customers, profit should see a rise as well. When a lead is nurtured attentively and professionally, a great relationship can be built between your business and the customer, inducing multiple visits and purchases of your services or products.

As experts, Find New Business often find that lead generation is a time-consuming process for many businesses. Our basic guide to lead generation is helpful to provide an informative outline, but we would recommend outsourcing your lead generation to a professional company who have obtained many years of experience in the field of lead generation for the best possible results. Get in contact with the team here at Find New Business by calling 0800 0614576 to begin discussing the possibilities of growing your business through lead generation.