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D ata centres are commonly considered to be an essential part of today’s business world. They are an important new market opportunity in their own right and a significant new business opportunity.

These are the servers and storage equipment that run the application software and also store and process significant data and content. It can also include redundant or back up power supplies, environmental controls, redundant data communication connections and various security devices. Companies are increasingly acquiring more and more data and it has become imperative that this data should successfully be managed and stored. Data centres sit at the heart of all digital services and benefit businesses immeasurably.

We create successful sales appointments for data centres themselves and on behalf of the many service and product suppliers to data centres. Find New Business makes sure that the right decision makers are always reached to boost sales opportunities.

Find New Business also works closely with the Data Centre Alliance, which is a professional Association comprising of Industry leaders from across the Data Centre Industry. We help drive awareness of the data centre industry to the business world. At the same time we help to support and drive the key objectives that remain instrumental to the future development of the data centre industry. Our partnership ensures that our customers can confidently turn to us when seeking value, quality and the operational professionalism that is so often associated with data centres.


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