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W hether you need us to fully manage your lead generation and telemarketing activity or provide additional support to your new internal business team, we can plan a strategy that works best for you to increase your marketing and sales performance. The main focus of most telemarketing campaigns is to generate high quality new leads, appointments and create opportunities to fill your sales pipeline.

Appointment setting

We shouldn’t underestimate the power of a timely telemarketing call to engage prospects who prefer a conversation with a real person.A well-timed call can have more impact now than ever before, and that can convert prospects into qualified, sales ready, opportunities.

We specialise in outbound telemarketing, ensuring that your sales team have appointments with key decision makers. We manage the entire process of appointment making for your business, including diary management and journey time planning and will integrate all activity with your existing systems.

We are experienced in targeting specialist contacts in businesses who might need your products or services. If you have a very specific requirement for lead generation we can provide help, advice and ultimately leads tailored to your brief.

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