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Our packages are designed to suit our clients’ specific needs and campaign requirements. Every client is unique and we tailor our CRM system, data profiling and management, and the campaign plan to match their particular needs. And the same applies to our pricing package so the best thing to do is to get in touch and discuss your requirements and we’d be delighted to establish a quote for you.

We have 3 levels of engagement depending on how much work you’ll want us to deliver for you. An essential first step with each of our packages would be an intensive one-day ‘on-boarding’ session with you where we would analyse your business activity, product/service differentiators, target audience, ideal clients etc. We need to do this to develop your specific campaign plan. The cost of this session is £950.

Level 1: effectively this is FNB delivering qualified appointment setting for you 8 days per month.

There are a raft of actions you’d get from us with this package including

  • we create and manage your campaign and build into our CRM system
  • we profile your ideal client and develop data that meets that profile
  • we develop the approach that is to be used over the phone and online
  • we call the data to identify key decision-makers in the target organisation
  • we fact-find them to identify their needs relative to your products/services
  • if they have a need and budget availability/responsibility we book the appointment for you to meet them
  • we send out outlook meeting requests into both your and the prospect’s diaries

Level 2: at this more advanced level FNB delivers telemarketing-led appointments setting 10 days per month

In addition to all the actions above, we would

  • continue to lead nurture the target prospects to build the relationship
  • deliver email templates onto our CRM to send out to appointees to re-inforce your brand credentials
  • deliver up to 6 thought-leadership pieces over a 12 month period to further establish awareness about your products/services with candidate prospects
  • research appointees social media presence and brief this in to you prior to the appointment

Level 3: this is our premium service offering delivering appointments 12 days a month and the following additional benefits:

  • we’d deliver experienced sales strategy consultancy
  • we’d also provide dedicated sales training for your internal team on the ‘customer transition’ methodology
  • you’d also receive sales pipeline management through our CRM system to support post sales activity
  • finally we’d attend 12 monthly sales meetings with you to maintain close collaboration on target sales achievements.

If you’d like to discuss our packages – and we can be very flexible in meeting your needs just contact us today.