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What Makes Us Different

FNB Core Strengths

FNB has become successful by building on our key attributes:

  • our impressive Quality Management System awarded ISO9001 accreditation
  • the drive and commitment of our founders and leading Directors Sarah and Tom
  • the energy and dedication of our young, dynamic team
  • the excellent CRM system and extensive contact data at the heart of the business
  • the unmatchable expertise we have built up across these key sectors..
    • Data & Technology
    • Health & Safety
    • Facilities management
    • Energy & Environment
    • Training

Our Core Skills

More than anything we have capitalised upon the excellent telemarketing skills of our experienced script-free outbound call specialists honed over many years through first class coaching and training, exploiting  our data intelligence to maximum effect to deliver highly-qualified sales appointments. We’d love you to come and meet the team so you can see first-hand just how skilled they are.

But we also recognise that things move on and there are many ways to make contact and network with your business targets these days beyond the telephone call. We just happen to believe that at the end of the day, friendly, intelligent, articulate, informed verbal contact is the most effective form of communications at sealing the deal. It’s that human touch.

We like to think FNB is the company you are really looking for – a trusted, dynamic, fully-skilled outsourced sales agency capable of delivering insightful strategic thinking leading to a full-blown telemarketing campaign,  all in the cause of finding you some great new business.

Get in touch now if this sounds like the outsourcing support you need.